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July 6, 2009
Volume 13 Number 26 • Indianapolis, Indiana

Topics this issue:

Arrow CITE special training available

Indiana University has received funding from the National Institutes of Health through the CTSI grant to develop and implement a newly structured program in clinical and translational research training for physicians, nurses, dentists, doctoral and postdoctoral scientists – the Clinical Investigator and Translational Education (CITE) Program.

This special program allows enrollees to integrate formal research training with a fellowship or faculty position in one's own department. Approximately six credit hours per semester will be taken along with clinical research in one’s own discipline.

As part of the CITE Program, participants receive a master of science in clinical research degree through the IU Graduate School. A second option is to take fewer courses and not the research requirement, leading to a graduate certificate in clinical research. Finally, individuals may simply take a course or two that may be relevant to their interests.

More detailed information is available at Questions should be directed to the program director, Kurt Kroenke, MD, at, or the program manager, Suzanne Galbraith, at, or 630-7870.


Arrow Changes to electronic routing for proposals

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is announcing a change to the current process for receiving proposals. As of Wednesday, July 1st, ORA will no longer require that a paper copy be delivered to their office for grant proposals that are being submitted electronically to an agency. In order to make this transition successful the following items are being requested:

  • An ERA routing form will be required for each routing. The electronic proposal file should be attached to the ERA routing form under the “Attachments” section.
  • The ERA routing form needs to be approved by the project director and appropriate department chair(s) and dean’s office(s) that are listed on the routing. The School of Medicine approvals will follow the same process as before regarding the dean’s office.
  • In the instance when an ERA form is generated the same day that the electronic proposal is due, the PI or their contact person will need to contact us at our main office at 278-3473 to inform us of the routing. This will ensure that we are able to start reviewing the proposal while waiting for departmental approvals.
  • If paper copies are required by the agency, the PI will still need to have the paper copies for the agency delivered to the ORA office.

ORA will submit the proposal electronically to the agency. Then the final submitted version of the proposal will be attached to the ERA Route Sheet using the naming convention PI’s last name final ORA (example:  Smith final ORA).

We believe that this change in processes will make it more convenient for all individuals involved in the research process. However, once this process is in effect, if you have a routing that you have not been contacted on by our office within one business day of routing it, please give our main number a call at 278-3473 to confirm that we did receive the electronic routing.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Jean Mercer at 278-3473.


Arrow OMB issues Recovery Act implementation guide

The federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has released a memorandum outlining the reporting requirements for those receiving grants under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Designed to increase transparency and accountability over where and how the ARRA funds are used, the guidelines require grantees to report the amount of funds received, the completion status of funded projects, estimates on the number of jobs created by the projects, among other factors. 

OMB also clarified that the first reports are due Saturday, Oct. 10, not in July as previous announced.  In addition to the main guidance document, OMB has also issued two supplementary documents and a program which includes a reporting template.

See for more information.


Arrow IUSM HR Services Summer professional development opportunities

The IUSM HR Services team is sponsoring two professional development opportunities this summer:

Navigating through the Disciplinary Process
Thursday, July 16, 9-12 p.m.

Riley Outpatient Center (ROC) Conference Room A
One of the most challenging aspects of a supervisor’s role is navigating through the disciplinary process.  In this session, you will learn the proper procedures to follow when disciplining employees and handling employee grievances.

(Presented by Deb Cowley & Terri Ryckaert, IUSM HR Services)

Getting Things Done
Tuesday, Aug. 4 (9-12 p.m.) and Tuesday, August 18 (9-11 a.m.)
Riley Outpatient Center (ROC) Conference Room A
Note:  You will receive the book, Getting Things Done, when you register

Learn breakthrough methods for stress-free performance.  This class will explore the concepts in David Allen’s popular book, Getting Things Done. 
The Aug. 4 session is devoted to a review of the major concepts of the book and the Aug. 18 session is spent developing your own “roadmap” and sharing ideas of how you have implemented the concepts so far.
(Presented by Donna Burkhardt, University Employee & Organizational Development).

To see a more detailed program description or to register online:
For questions contact Marla Laystrom,


Arrow Webinar for improving PowerPoint presentations

The webinar, “Enhancing PowerPoint for the Online Classroom and Beyond” will be offered Thursday, July 23, from noon to 1:15 p.m. Register at

When was it that PowerPoint presentations went from “cool” to “cruel”? What started out as a way to enliven meetings and classroom lectures devolved into a deadly dull exercise in the overuse of bulleted lists. Used correctly, PowerPoint can be an exceptionally effective way to illustrate information, reinforce learning and reinvigorate an audience. But it truly is all in the execution. In a new webinar, learn how to create the kind of PowerPoint presentations that keep students interested and involved and how to use it effectively in the online classroom.

“Enhancing PowerPoint for the Online Classroom and Beyond” will be led by Paul J. Gibler, founder and principal of CONNECTINGDOTS, a leading strategic marketing firm. In the first part of this lively session, he’ll show you how to transform your presentations using the fundamental design principles of contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity. You’ll also see how to make best use of background, color, text and images.

In the second part of this 75-minute seminar, Gibler will introduce tools such as SlideShare, Camtasia, GoView and others that can help easily convert PowerPoint presentations to digital assets for use in online courses and how to integrate them into learning systems like D2L.

You can submit questions for the presenter during this live, interactive seminar, to be addressed during a question and answer session. Questions can be sent to


Arrow Free screenings during Allstate 400

Volunteers from the IU Simon Cancer Center, the IUSM Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, and the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance will provide free oral, head, and neck cancer screenings during the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard July 25-26.

Funding for the screenings is provided by Bristol-Myers Squibb and ImClone Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eli Lilly and Company.


Arrow Grants and Awards May 2009



Arrow Continuing Medical Education at your fingertips

The Continuing Medical Education office launched a new and improved website at In addition to online registration and listings of grand rounds, conferences and courses, the site provides in-depth tools and information for presenters and program developers. Included are forms, tips, links, contacts, maps, and a host of other handy resources to make it easier to participate in CME events, prepare a presentation or plan an event.


Arrow Scientific Calendar online

A comprehensive listing on IUSM seminars, lectures and Grand Rounds can be accessed at the new Scientific Calendar website. To place items on the Scientific Calendar, please forward them to Kelli Diener at


Arrow Scope submission guidelines

Scope wants your news items.

The deadline for submission is 8:30 a.m. on Thursdays. Scope is published electronically and sent to faculty, staff, students, and residents on Fridays (except on holiday weekends when it is published on the following Monday).

There are three easy ways to submit story ideas or information to Scope:

  • e-mail the information to
  • mail the information to Mary Hardin, Z-7, Ste. 306, IUPUI
  • fax your information to (317) 278-8722

Contributions submitted by e-mail should be forwarded in 12 point, plain text format. Word document attachments in lieu of fliers are encouraged.

In the interest of accuracy, please do NOT use:

  • acronyms
  • abbreviations
  • campus building codes (use full, proper name of building and include the room number)
  • Dr. as a preface before names (designate MD or PhD)

To keep the electronic version of Scope as streamlined as possible, only seminars and lectures of general or multidisciplinary interest will be included.