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May 22, 2009
Volume 13 Number 20 • Indianapolis, Indiana

Topics this issue:

Arrow New imaging core funded by NIH

The Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center is proud to announce the addition of a newly NIH-funded Neuroimaging Core to become an integral part of the center together with the existing ones:  Administrative, Clinical, Data Management and Statistics, Neuropathology, Education and Information Transfer.

The IADC Neuroimaging Core will be led by Andy Saykin, PhD, Raymond C. Beeler Professor of Radiology and director of the newly established IU Center for Neuroimaging. This new center is located within the Indiana Institute for Biomedical Imaging Sciences and provides state of the art imaging technology for human clinical research and animal models. Dr. Saykin and his team of experts will foster IADC research programs focusing on the use of brain imaging to the study of neurodegenerative dementing disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease (and frontotemporal lobar degeneration, as well as related diseases.

The new Neuroimaging Core brings in expertise on the use of the most advanced imaging methodologies such as structural and functional MRI, magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), arterial spin-labeling MRI, and positron emission tomography (PET). In addition, it will carry out some of the newest techniques of investigation based on the use of biochemical tracers of brain disease “in vivo,” such as markers of inflammation or AD-related Aβ-amyloid deposition. These techniques are receiving increasing scientific attention due to their potential role in earlier detection of incipient cognitive decline and as biomarkers for treatment response.

The addition of the newly funded Neuroimaging Core to the IADC is testimony of the NIH’s attention and appreciation to the activities of the IADC, one of the oldest and longest continued NIH-funded Alzheimer’s disease center in the country. The Neuroimaging Core promises to further enrich scientific vitality and international recognition of the IADC, as well as to renew its two-decade commitment to medical research and patients’ care.


Arrow Doctor Camp 2009

The IUSM Office of Medical Service-Learning will sponsor the 9th annual Doctor Camp from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Friday, June 5, in the Medical Science Building and Daly Center.

This year Doctor Camp is again co-sponsored by the Metropolitan Indianapolis Central Indiana Area Health Education Center (MICI-AHEC).  Doctor Camp targets minority youth in grades 5—8 from various metropolitan area schools—30 will participate this year.

During Doctor Camp, medical students conduct hands-on sessions and serve as "camp counselors" for the youth as they learn about science and various aspects of medicine including anatomy, surgery, neurology, physical diagnosis, radiology, biomedical research and pathology, and receive training on drug and substance abuse. This year’s program will also include a "tour" of an ambulance led by Wishard EMT staff.

On June 9-11, IUSM student volunteers will also participate in the 2nd annual MICI-AHEC program called Camp Medical Detectives which is modeled after Doctor Camp and targets high school students.  Medical student leaders for both Doctor Camp and Camp Medical Detectives this year are Dracina Will (MS2), Tom Loke (MS2), and Elaina Chen (MS1).  Camp Medical Detectives is co-sponsored by the OMSL, MICI-AHEC, the IUSM Health Professions Programs and the IUSM Office of Multicultural Affairs.

The Office of Medical Service-Learning promotes a lifelong commitment to community service through innovative service-learning experiences. Visit for more information.


Arrow IU’s Mexico travel ban lifted

Patrick O’Meara, IU vice president for international affairs has announced that Indiana University has terminated its suspension of travel to Mexico. This is based on the May 15 decision of the Centers for Disease Control to lift its travel advisory to Mexico as well as the U.S. Department of State’s cancellation of its Travel Alert for travelers to Mexico.

Those who decide to travel to Mexico, as well as other parts of the world, should follow CDC precautions to minimize H1N1 contagion (

IU summer programs to Mexico that were already formally cancelled will not be reinstated due to the subsequent arrangements made in each case.


Arrow Spring Faculty Meeting video archive

A video of the 2009 Spring Faculty Meeting, which was May 19, has been archived. After clicking the link below, fast forward to about 7:30 for the start of the meeting.

Archive URL: mms://


Arrow Is it real or an email hoax?

A lot of hoax emails have been making the rounds recently and they all seem to have a similar theme.  The subject line may read:  “Dear Indiana University Account Owner” and  appears to  be a legitimate UITS message expressing concern about the size limitations of your in-box or  requesting completion of an account verification process.

It all looks very official but it’s only designed to trick the reader into providing protected information such as an  account password.  Hoax emails always have one thing in common; they want gain access to passwords and other personal information. Legitimate organizations that provide email and account services will NEVER ask for your password.

So, the next time you receive one of those official-looking emails saying your mailbox has reached its limit and you need to provide your account name and password you should contact the ISTM Help Desk and delete the message. As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the ISTM Help Desk at 274-5336 or


Arrow Business continuity planning for pandemic influenza

As part of the Business Continuity and Pandemic Influenza planning projects under IUPUI’s emergency preparedness grant, the Office of Emergency Preparedness has scheduled 5 seminars to teach departments/units about:

  • Business continuity planning;
  • The tool that we are providing for this planning; and
  • The personnel we are providing to assist you in completing your departmental business continuity plans. 

In order to roll this initiative out, each department is asked to appoint a business continuity coordinator and an alternate to attend these seminars and to champion the development of their departmental plan.

The BCC should contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness Business Continuity Planning Team at with their contact information [include name, title, campus address, campus phone and email address] for both the assigned BCC and an alternate BCC.

For more information, contact Diane Mack, director of the IUPUI Office of Emergency Preparedness, at 274-8108 or


Arrow Mitra to present Mark Brothers of South Bend Lecture

Sankar Mitra, PhD, is the recipient of the 2009 Mark Brothers of South Bend Award presented by IUSM . Dr. Mitra, who is nationally recognized for his research in DNA repair, will visit the medical school campus May 27-28, to meet with scholars and students and present two Mark Brothers Lectureship Special Seminars.

The 2009 Mark Brother of South Bend Lectureship Special Seminar schedule:

“Exploring New Approaches to Cancer Therapy”
4 p.m., Wednesday, May 27
Walther Hall (R3) room 203

“Oxidative Damage in Mammalian Genomes: Emerging Concepts about their Repair and Its Regulation”
Noon, Thursday, May 28
IU Cancer Research Institute (R4) room 101

Dr. Mitra is professor and vice chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, professor of  radiation oncology, and senior scientist at the Sealy Center for Molecular Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

The Mark Brothers Lectureship was established in 1997 by Dr. and Mrs. Guey C. Mark in honor of his brothers, who emigrated from Canton and settled in South Bend, where they built a successful restaurant business. The brothers, because of their reverence and respect for higher education, supported their youngest brother, Dr. Mark, in his pursuit of a career in medicine. Dr. Mark is a 1954 graduate of the IU School of Medicine. The lectureship is intended to recognize persons of Asian descent who are nationally and internationally prominent in academic medicine.


Arrow Special showing of HBO’s The Alzheimer Project

Bernardino Ghetti, MD, and the Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center (IADC) are hosting a screening of HBO’s Alzheimer Project from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, May 28, in the Riley Outpatient Center auditorium. Following the screening, IADC faculty members will be available to answer questions about Alzheimer disease, current diagnosis, treatment and promising areas of research.

This program is free and open to the public but space is limited and registration is required.

Please RSVP to 274-4939 or


Arrow Cultural competency conference

“Embracing Cultural Competency: Best Practices,” the 8th Annual Indiana Conference on Cultural Competency for Behavioral Healthcare, will be from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thursday, May 28. Participants may attend all or a portion of the day-long conferencing featuring panelists from IUSM – Malaz Boustani MD, MPH, Poonam Khurana, MD, Deanna R. Willis, MD, MBA, Javier F. Sevilla-Mártir MD, Stephen Bogdewic, PhD , and Isadore Rivas and Susan Robinson, MS.


  • To integrate best practices of cultural competency in behavioral health.
  • To share lessons, skills, and practices of implementing and incorporating cultural competency in mental health and the healthcare arena.
  • To share current practices of integrating cultural competency into the education of healthcare professionals.

It is not too late to register at Visit the site for more information and to register.


Arrow Team Based Learning – faculty development online workshop

Angela M. McNelis, PhD, RN, will present an online faculty development workshop from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Thursday, May 28. 

During “Team Based Learning:  Putting Lectures on the Shelf,” Dr. McNelis will describe the essential principles of TBL, which involves developing and using learning teams as an instructional strategy, leaving behind the traditional lecture method. This pedagogical approach was embraced by nursing faculty to teach undergraduate research. TBL has been used for years in business and science, but was only recently introduced to medical education, and no research was found on the effectiveness on student learning in nursing.

This event will be presented via Adobe Connect at Registration is not required.


Arrow Workshops for improving teach techniques

Engaging and Motivating College Students
Explore methods of motivation for students in sessions  that will discuss how to actively engage students in learning and create positive classroom dynamics. This session will be facilitated by Anastasia Morrone, PhD, IU associate dean of learning technologies and associate professor of educational psychology at the IUPUI School of Education. Sessions will be in the IUPUI University Library, room 1126. To register, visit

June 2 from 1p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Session Repeated on:
June 3 from 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Collaborative Learning: Techniques in Active Learning
Learn to design course with collaborative learning in mind.  Collaborative learning, or group learning, offers instructors an alternative active learning technique to reach all students. Topics to be covered include: constructing student groups, alternatives to lecture, and time to plan collaborative exercises for your class. This session will be led by Joan Middendorf, PhD, associate director of Campus Instructional Consulting Center and adjunct professor of higher education and administration at IU- Bloomington. Sessions will be held in the IUPUI University Library, room 1116. To register, visit

June 9 from 1 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Session Repeated on:
June 10 from 9 a.m.  12:30 p.m.


Arrow ‘Thoracic Aortic Emergencies’ set for June 5 at Methodist Hospital

The most current practices on “Management of Thoracic Aortic Emergencies” will be hosted by Clarian Cardiovascular and the IUSM Division of Continuing Medical Education Friday, June 5, in Pettigrew Auditorium, Methodist Hospital.  The day-long program focuses on how best to identify, diagnose and surgically and medically treat thoracic aortic emergencies, particularly since such emergencies present inconsistently.

While open surgical techniques remain the main form of treatment, immediate endovascular repair has been introduced as an option for these emergent problems with good results.

The conference, co-directed by Dr. David Hormuth and Dr. John Fehrenbacher, both of Clarian Cardiovascular Surgeons, provides both CME and nursing education credits.

Guest faculty is Dr. Joseph Bavaria, vice chief, Division of Cardiovascular Surgery and director, Thoracic Aortic Surgery Program, University of Pennsylvania Health System in Philadelphia.

Registration is due before Friday, May 29.  Visit for more information or to register.  Registration will be accepted at the door per availability of seating.


Arrow Geriatrics to present grand rounds, student award

The Dr. Jeffrey C. Darnell Medical Student Geriatrics Achievement Award for 2009 will be presented during the noon Friday, June 5, Department of Medicine Grand Rounds in Wishard Myers Auditorium.

The grand rounds program is entitled “Innovative Models of Providing and Coordinating Care for Older Australians,” and will be presented by Steven Counsell, MD, director of IU Geriatrics.


Arrow Vaccines and autism topic of June conference at IUPUI

Paul Offit, MD, will be the keynote speaker at the seventh annual Conference on Health, Disability and the Law. The June 12 conference is hosted by the Riley Child Development Center and the IU School of Law. This year’s topic will be autism and early childhood vaccines.

Dr. Offit is a pediatric infectious diseases specialist. He is an internationally known expert on vaccines, immunology and virology, and is a professor of pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania, chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, and director of the Vaccine Education Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Dr. Offit is also the author of the controversial book Autism’s False Prophets:  Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for the Cure.

While current thinking about potential causes for autism suggests an environmental component in conjunction with genetic links, carefully controlled studies have disproved a link between autism and childhood vaccines.  This conference will provide a reasoned presentation on the issues surrounding vaccination.

Also presenting will be Lynn Sturm, PhD, and Gregory Zimet, PhD, from the IUSM Department of Pediatrics; Phyllis Lewis, RN, MSN, Indiana Department of Education; David Orentlicher, JD, MD, IU Schoolo f Law- Indianapolis; and Ross Silverman, JD, MPH, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

For additional information, call 274-8167 or email Patricia Hanneman at Information also is available on the center’s website at Continuing education credit is available.


Arrow IUPUI medical community and Herron start program

Herron School of Art and Design is launching a new master in art therapy degree program, merging the fields of medicine, visual art and psychology to improve the lives of children and adults.

Art therapy uses creative processes of various art forms to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages. The 60 credit-hour program will include a significant practicum requirement which will integrate the clinical program with the rest of the medical community on campus and regionally.

Herron established the link between fine arts and medicine at the project’s initial planning stages.  IUSM’s Dr. Jeff Rothenberg and his wife, Joani, an art therapist, are serving as advisors to the program’s development.  To learn more about how you can be part of this initiative visit or contact Kim Hodges at 278-9472 or


Arrow Detailed traveler info to enhance flight security

The Transportation Security Administration is in the process of implementing a program known as Secure Flight.  The purpose of the program is to enhance the security of domestic and international commercial air travel through the pre-screening of passenger information against federal government watch lists.  For effective screening, TSA will begin collecting the traveler’s full name (including middle name), gender and date of birth from travel agencies and airlines.

The following deadlines are set by the TSA for collecting passenger information:

  • By Aug. 15, all airlines and their travel agencies must have the ability to collect, store, gather, and send passenger information for domestic flights to the TSA.
  • By Oct. 31, this ability is required for international flights.
  • Passenger information must be transmitted at least 72 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time. If a reservation is made within 72 hours of flight departure time, the passenger information will be transmitted at the same time the reservation is made.

Be prepared to provide detailed traveler information when making reservations with IU designated travel agencies. Orbitz for Business is in process of updating their site to capture the traveler’s full name, gender and date of birth.

For more information visit the TMS website at


Arrow IUPUI Food Service closed Memorial Day

All IUPUI Food Service locations will be closed in observance of the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 25. Call 274-5157 with any questions or see


Arrow Clinical and translational science network launched

The AAMC has partnered with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Science Careers, and several other organizations to launch CTSciNET, the Clinical and Translational Science Network.

CTSciNet is designed to assist clinicians interested in research, MD-PhD trainees and recipients, PhD-track scientists who want to work closer to the clinic, and anyone considering these career paths. The project is supported by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund.

For more information, see


Arrow Grants and Awards



Arrow This week on Sound Medicine

Tune in at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 24, or 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 26, to Sound Medicine, the award-winning weekly radio program co-produced by IUSM and WFYI Public Radio (90.1 FM) in Indianapolis. The program is hosted by Barb Lewis.

This week, Marion Nestle, MPH, PhD, professor of nurtrition, food studies, and public health  and sociology at New York University, will help sort out the current “food fight” involving high fructose corn syrup.

David Fidler, JD, MPhil., professor of law and director of the IU Center on American and Global Security at IU Maurer School of Law, will explore the legal challenges brought on by the outbreak of the H1N1 flu.

Lawrence Mark, MD, PhD, assistant professor of dermatology at IUSM, will discuss the new curriculum to teach all medical students how to spot early signs of melanoma.

John Medina, MD, developmental molecular biologist at University of Washington School of Medicine, will discuss his new book, Brain Rules, which dissects the inner workings of the brain, revealing the ways we can most effectively improve our lives at school, work and home.

In this week’s Sound Medicine “Checkup,” Jeremy Shere, PhD, will explore hand washing with several experts –  elementary school-aged kids.

Archived editions of Sound Medicine, as well as other helpful information, including when and where the program airs around the state, can be found at

Sound Medicine is underwritten by Clarian Health, the IU Medical Group and IUPUI.


Arrow Continuing Medical Education at your fingertips

The Continuing Medical Education office launched a new and improved website at In addition to online registration and listings of grand rounds, conferences and courses, the site provides in-depth tools and information for presenters and program developers. Included are forms, tips, links, contacts, maps, and a host of other handy resources to make it easier to participate in CME events, prepare a presentation or plan an event.


Arrow Scientific Calendar online

A comprehensive listing on IUSM seminars, lectures and Grand Rounds can be accessed at the new Scientific Calendar website. To place items on the Scientific Calendar, please forward them to Kelli Diener at


Arrow Scope submission guidelines

Scope wants your news items.

The deadline for submission is 8:30 a.m. on Thursdays. Scope is published electronically and sent to faculty, staff, students, and residents on Fridays (except on holiday weekends when it is published on the following Monday).

There are three easy ways to submit story ideas or information to Scope:

  • e-mail the information to
  • mail the information to Mary Hardin, Z-7, Ste. 306, IUPUI
  • fax your information to (317) 278-8722

Contributions submitted by e-mail should be forwarded in 12 point, plain text format. Word document attachments in lieu of fliers are encouraged.

In the interest of accuracy, please do NOT use:

  • acronyms
  • abbreviations
  • campus building codes (use full, proper name of building and include the room number)
  • Dr. as a preface before names (designate MD or PhD)

To keep the electronic version of Scope as streamlined as possible, only seminars and lectures of general or multidisciplinary interest will be included.